Offshore Entity Incorporation and Offshore Bank Account Opening (14 topics)

This is the place to discuss offshore entities incorporation and the opening of an offshore bank account. Offshore entities include IBCs, LLCs, PCCs, Special Licensed Company, Foundations and Trusts.
This forum we discuss everything about offshore company incorporation. This will include the steps and requirements to incorporate an offshore company. The good and bad about a jurisdiction will be covered here as well. Feel free to name any jurisdiction here for us to discuss.

Offshore Banks (3 topics)

Offshore Bank, which one is good and which one is nasty. What are the documents required and what is the initial deposit required? Which one is licensed and which one is not licensed?
Other than offshore IBCs, we have other entities that worth discussing. We have Offshore Foundation, Offshore Trust, Special Licensed Company to discuss.
Discuss other offshore matters here. Things like taxation, capital management and etc here.

All matters regarding offshore entity Incorporation and the opening of an offshore banking account to be discussed here.
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